Transaction Management Services



Looking for time to do more business? Or time to spend away from work? A Transaction Manager brings sanity to a chaotic real estate business. We get you organized and keep you on task, so you can have more of what you want in life…and less of what you don’t: paperwork.


Your Clients

Our job is to impress you AND your people. We give clients confidence their transaction is being handled by a team of professionals supporting your relationship and all working toward the same goal: closing the deal.



Growing a team? Wondering if it’s time to add support staff? Avoid a hiring mistake. Instead of taking hours away from your core business and recruiting, advertising, interviewing, training and hiring a new person, rely on West + Main Transactions. We’ll take a chunk of work off your plate while saving you from the financial and time commitments of a new hire.




Agents are people people. Transaction Managers are paper people. We love compliant paperwork maybe even more than Designated Brokers do. And we get your agents out from behind the desk and back on the street with clients, increasing their production.

We also give you a reliable recruiting tool without needing to set up an in-house Transaction Management staff. Give your new hires someone to rely on.

Settlement Companies & Lenders

We’re here for you. We’re your communication conduit to the agent. We’ll get the answers and the paperwork you need. In fact, check your inbox. We probably already sent them.


Real estate industry

Raising the bar in the real estate industry is a popular topic. C2EX, right? If you believe this business can be done better, we’re your kind of people. We love compliance, efficiency, communication, and pleasing clients. That’s the definition of raising the industry bar.