Nicole Greenberg, Trainer

Nicole Greenberg

Nicole Greenberg

I guess I could say I stumbled into transaction management and learned the value of it while on the job. For a little over 5 years, I worked in an administrative role at the front desk of the Annapolis Church Circle Coldwell Banker office. Prior to this, I didn’t have any real estate experience, but I quickly picked up some knowledge from the agents that sat on duty who were more than happy to share. Eventually, my receptionist role became much more. I was given a new title and started assisting agents with on-boarding and new systems. I helped with the introduction of programs like Homebase as we moved toward a paper-free office.

After doing some work with a non-profit, I came back to Coldwell Banker but as an assistant to one of the top agents, Georgie Berkinshaw. My old manager at the office had been encouraging her to find someone to help her full time and we had recently reconnected at a fundraising event. Originally, I came on mainly to assist with marketing her listings, but with Georgie’s momentum, I quickly picked up more. Without even knowing that there was a specific title for what I was doing, I started taking on various tasks to help her transactions run more smoothly. She was busy focusing on her clients, so I would schedule home inspections and be the point of contact for repairs while keeping a spreadsheet of everything that needed to be completed. I took charge of document compliance so she didn’t have to worry about it. We started to develop systems that worked for her and for us to get each of her deals to the settlement table. Soon, Georgie was referring to me as “Nicole who works with me” as I was an integral part of her team and an equal colleague. It was an honor.

After a few years with Georgie in which I learned so much about the real estate world, I relocated to South Carolina with my newborn. I wanted to continue working in the same field, but also wanted to be able to be home with my daughter, so I started to researching options. I found an entire world of Transaction Management, which would allow me to support agents virtually. Some of the Realtors at Church Circle would often say they wish I could clone myself so they could have an assistant like me. So, I reached out to those folks within my network to let them know I was officially available. Things started out small, but over the course of a year, I had my own business coordinating real estate transactions. Eventually, my name made its way over to the Annapolis Plaza office and Jeannine Wayson found me. We created our own workflow and found a rhythm that helped her to focus on making top sales. I was able to enjoy time as a mom while working with the agents I had become so attached to in my years at Coldwell Banker.

I like to say that I’ve spent a good deal of my career supporting successful people. As a Transaction Manager, I take pride in what I do and have seen the value of it. Throughout my career, I’ve made a name for myself by finding a necessity and helping to fill it. Being a Transaction Manager requires a great deal of patience, methodology and customer service. I enjoy being the face of a team that assists people through an important life step, and I get to check off lists as I do it. I have had the privilege of interacting with so many people on behalf of my client. I find it so rewarding to use my organizational skills to take the pressure off my agents so they can keep doing what they are good at – working with people and closing deals. I’m a part of a well-oiled machine. I’ve discovered that TMs are an integral part in a smooth home sale process. I’ve seen transaction management work for agents from a variety of backgrounds with only a few deals a year to 30+ transactions at one time. I believe in this work and I’m grateful for what it’s allowed me to learn and do for my family.