Inman News Independence Day Articles from MILLIE

In the week leading up to the Fourth of July, with the help of the MILLIE team, I published three articles for the real estate industry in Inman News. All three articles were designed to help agents improve their service to, and behave authentically with, military clients. So if you’re a Realtor working with military clients or wanting to, check out these quick reads.

Should Agents Say “Thank You for Your Service” to Military Service Members? explores what the general public means by giving, and how service members may accept, those greetings.

How Agents Can Better Serve Military Service Members offers tips for agents wanting to adjust their business style to meet the unique needs of the military community.

Celebrating Patriotic Holidays: A Primer for Agents explains the difference in tone and customs surrounding the slate of patriotic holidays and offers suggestions for how and when to present your business appropriately.

If you’re an agent who wants to learn more about this market on a regular basis, consider subscribing to MILLIE’s Agent Intel content service, which provides weekly content for your military clients and military related education for agents.

Happy Reading!